Music, art, verse.  

Waves of change.

With a cinematic soundscape that seems to originate from another place and time, “Midas” takes the traditional story of Midas, with a slightly tweaked mythology, context, and setting, and brings nature and Mother Earth to the forefront, warning of the tragic impact that humanity’s greed could have on our world, our environment, the Earth, and everything we care about.


Tired of the apathy, hatred, and ignorance in the world, a young creative mind called Syne decided to contribute his grain of sand by inspiring wonder, curiosity, and positivity through his music, poetry, and artwork.

I hope you will join me on my creative journey and help me make an impact.

Welcome to the Syneverse.


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"Midas" song

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Every one of us struggles to learn how to accept change, but in the end, the only way to find inner peace is by realizing that everything flows, life is constant change, and we are running water.  The poetic, cinematic, and other-worldly sounds and lyrics of the song, “Siddhartha”, tell about this universal struggle, as told through the story of Siddhartha Gautama, the man who would eventually become known as the Buddha.



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"Siddhartha" song

"Forget the Borderlines" is a folk song fused with electronic, cinematic, and world sounds that is a celebration of diversity and a heartfelt call for humanity to work together and cherish our differences.  It is a reminder that we are one people.  



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"Forget the Borderlines" song

"Amazonia" is a lament about the Amazonian Rainforest fires that deals with the need for humanity to change in order to save planet Earth.  The song is a mix of folk, electronic, world, cinematic, and pop sounds.  


“Koala” is a short folk-sounding lament that brings to focus the recent fires in Australia and the devastation caused to Australian wildlife, in particular, the Koala.