Beetle in a Box

Imagine an alien world full of people,

All different and special like you and like me,

And each of them carried a box with a beetle,

But only inside of their own they could see.


And everyone chatted all about their beetles,

Describing the color and number of feet,

But strangely no one could observe other beetles,

For only inside their own box they could peek.


They got along fine always speaking of beetles,

Til one day they started to argue and boast;

Some started to bluntly insult other beetles

And say that their own bug was better than most.


“How silly,” some said, “to assume that your beetle

Is better than others, well how would you know?

It makes zero sense to compare any beetle

When you can know only the one that you own!”


Beetles in a box and feelings and thoughts

Have one common thing that they share:

You only can judge the ones that you’ve got —

It’s really no use to compare!