"Will We Ever Embrace Our Own Diversity?"

Syne, June 20 2019

“Will humans ever embrace their own diversity?” This is a question, made by linguistic researcher Daniel L. Everett, that I came across while reading “The Last Unknowns”, edited by John Brockman. I find it rather sad that this question is an “unknown”.  We don’t know if we, as a human race, will be able to embrace our own diversity.  We have been g...

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Conscious Creativity

Syne, May 15 2019

I’ve been writing music for a long time.  Before starting the Syne concept, I used to write a lot about the typical, cliché themes you always hear about, like love and relationships.  But after a while I grew tired of it and I felt like writing songs lacked meaning, so I started making songs about other things, writing about meaningful themes and u...

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Animated Music Video

Midas-"But Mother Earth, We Need Her"

Syne, April 22 2019

Earth.  From the beginning of our existence, she has been there for us, providing for us sustenance and shelter, energy and life.  We take from her, but we don’t give back. We see the signs that she is growing tired, that she cannot keep on giving us so much for much longer, but we do not change.  Throughout history, civilizations have fallen beca...

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