Syne, June 20 2019

"Will We Ever Embrace Our Own Diversity?"

“Will humans ever embrace their own diversity?”

This is a question, made by linguistic researcher Daniel L. Everett, that I came across while reading “The Last Unknowns”, edited by John Brockman.  

I find it rather sad that this question is an “unknown”.  We don’t know if we, as a human race, will be able to embrace our own diversity.  We have been given such a wonderful gift and we are unable to embrace it. We seem more willing to embrace borders and walls, division and separation, more than we are willing to embrace our differences.

If only we could realize that our diversity could be the greatest source of strength and progress for our human race.  

What makes platforms like Google, Wikipedia, and Amazon so powerful and so valuable is the diversity of information and products they offer.  In nature, what makes an ecosystem, such as a rainforest, and its organisms so resilient and successful is the biodiversity of that ecosystem.  In genetics, genetic diversity helps individuals and entire populations survive and adapt to new or changing environments

With more variation, nature has more possibilities of creating, innovating, or solving an issue, and the same applies for humans.  Different perspectives and ways of thinking, different approaches to problems and solutions, different kinds of intelligence and forms of creativity, different wisdom and knowledge.  

This is what diversity offers us.  Culture, religion, sexual orientation, political view, ethnic background, social class—we should embrace diversity in all of its forms.  Instead of fearing the unknown, resisting change, and rejecting what is different, we should embrace these things.  

The day we fully embrace our diversity, we will embrace others and ourselves, and our world will reach a new level of prosperity, progress, and peace.

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