Chladni Patterns

Little grains of sand

Frolic all around,

Ordered to assemble

By harmonic waves of sound.


"Little grains, attention!

Assemble properly!

Stand now in formation,

And compose some geometry!


"Those strong and standing waves

Pulse and oscillate,

Pushing all the grains aside

As they resonate.


And so the little grains

Tremble and vibrate,

Forming lovely figures

On a metal Chladni plate.


They find their antinodes

Where they can safely stay,

Away from all the pushing

And the shoving of the waves.


But as the pulsing waves

Change their frequency,

The trembling grains must relocate

And change their geometry.


What act of sound and sand!

What show of resonance!

What dazzling display it is,

This rare cymatic dance!