Watch the music video,"Midas", and stream or download the song below‍‍‍.

With a cinematic soundscape that seems to originate from another place and time, “Midas” takes the traditional story of Midas, with a slightly tweaked mythology, context, and setting, and brings nature and Mother Earth to the forefront, warning of the tragic impact that humanity’s greed could have on our world, our environment, the Earth, and everything we care about.



Executive Production, Music Composition and Production, Concept Art Design, Character Design, and Storyboarding by Syne

Song Mixing by Sean Carey

Song Mastering by Kathy Naunton at dB Mastering,

Graphic, Motion, and Animation Work by Maria Goruleva by All4Band Studio

Video Project Supervision by Vladyslav Tsarenko at All4Band Studio