The Rare Disease

My dearest patient,

I have very good news:

Your nasty infection

Has been subdued!


We caught it early;

You will be alright.

Drink plenty of fluids;

Get some sunlight.


I had never seen

Such a nasty strain;

t's no wonder you

Were in so much pain.


These parasitic

And tiny things

That make up this

Quite rare disease,


They first find a cell

Where they can survive,

They populate it,

And there they thrive.


Their only care

Is to grow and spread,

And they do this well

Til the cell is dead.


Then they travel on,

Finding other cells,

Searching far and wide

For places to dwell.


They're quite advanced—

You'd be surprised —

These microscopic



They are even able

To communicate

And can learn at

An alarming rate.


They use their own


To build resistance

Quite rapidly.


So I cannot be

Entirely sure

If the treatment is

A permanent cure.


But do not be

Overly concerned;

We'll do a checkup

When you return.


For now, you're cured;

I'm sure you'll be fine.

I'll see you again

In six months time


I've brought to the lab

The place of their birth,

This poor dead cell

They called Planet Earth,


To study a sample

Of the disease,

This infectious strain

Of Human Beings...